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Newsroom's 15-year-old TickerWire service provides ready-to-air content to key NewsTicker modules eliminating the need for manual entry in the vast majority of on-air displays. With other ticker systems, data feeds are known to create as many problems as they fix. They make new work for producers by partially automating the process, or providing content that a station would never air. And, they often require third-party contracts. Not true with TickerWire.

Our system is so tailored, it can even be used by stations that don't have any news staff and is capable of running on its own without any editorial intervention. No other products on the market make this claim.

Guaranteed Message Delivery

Newsroom's TickerWire service is delivered over one of the most reliable networks in the business, as well as one of the largest bi-directional private information networks in broadcasting. Utilizing our proprietary guaranteed messaging platform, each station is assured they will receive content destined for them. Local server reboots or LAN downtime won't cause you to lose any content!

Centralized Content Offering

With TickerWire, you don't worry about separate contracts with multiple data vendors, or needing to open up different network ports for every type of automated data. All content is either originated by Newsroom Solutions or is licensed for distribution. Newsroom remains your single point of contact.

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National and major international headlines, suitable for air in all markets. Our editors write headlines with local affiliates in mind, and are careful not to include news that would "promote" another network.

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Current temperatures and sky conditions for your area. Severe weather watches, warnings and advisories originated from both satellite and direct fiber to the National Weather Service.

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Day-of schedules and real-time scores for professional and major NCAA sports. Through NewsTicker, your sports staff can configure only those leagues and teams for which they want results.

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Statewide election results from select Secretaries of State, fed every couple of minutes on primary and general election nights. (Service not available in all states. Contact NewsTicker Sales for details.)


Intraday and closing prices for stocks of local interest and major indices.


Lottery results and jackpot amounts for all 44 states, plus Washington DC, Puerto Rico, and Canada.


Downhill and cross country ski conditions from area resorts.

And More...

Through Newsroom's xParse service, other market or station specific data is delivered through TickerWire.

More Information

To learn more about TickerWire, contact Newsroom Solutions sales:
+1  (704) 665-5300 x1

Rock Solid Reliability

Year after year, TickerWire experiences 100% uptime. We operate using redundant hardware, redundant network connectivity, redundant air conditioning, diesel-powered generators, and four physical Data Control Centers across the country. We utilize the same methods and operating procedures that keep our clients on the air every second of every day.