The industry's most used ticker and branding CMS, with unrivalled power and customization

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NewsTicker is the undisputed leader in the ticker industry, having originated the market segment. From the beginning, we have concentrated on making lower-third displays effortless for producers, of high quality for engineers, and attractive to advertisers.

At the core of Newsroom's integrated system is NewsTicker: a robust web-based platform for managing all content (automated, manual, viewer-generated) and broadcast automation. It's the hub of our enterprise-grade system, giving you unprecedented control over what you air, both graphically and editorially.

From a central interface, run off of a local, highly-available server, newsroom personnel can manage all content aspects of the system. From everyday headlines to a big election, it's one seamless piece of software optimized for the task at hand. You don't have to switch between multiple applications and convoluted workflows to manage all of your data.

Easy to use

Managing content shouldn't introduce more problems than it solves. NewsTicker is intuitive for producers, writers and talent to use. The interface itself is fully web-based, eliminating IT headaches with installing and updating software.

Enterprise hardware

The NewsTicker web interface is served from dedicated Newsroom Solutions hardware at your station, giving you functionality during WAN outages. Built on Enterprise Linux and featuring high availability, your server is monitored remotely by our Client Support Center to ensure maximum uptime.

Top  Features

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Remote Entry and Management

NewsTicker's web-based interface streamlines remote entry through popular methods including direct DMZ and VPN, if desired, eliminating limited, stripped down, and featureless OS-specific apps.

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Comprehensive Data Feed

Create new efficiences through TickerWire, the first and only data service exclusively for TV tickers. Localize the content, letting it automatically update the majority of your ticker data, without requiring third-party contracts.

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Sponsorship Flexibility

Powerful controls for rotating and displaying sponsor logos and tags gives you the ability to generate new revenue effortlessly. No other product on the market gives you the level of control and support as NewsTicker.

Point-to-Multipoint Distribution

One NewsTicker CMS can drive multiple, independent CG displays with different branding simultaneously with any combination of data, timing and ordering, in a traditional, hubbed or non-MCR environment. And, you can repurpose your data to mobile, the web, and even scrolling LED signs.

Other  Features

User-Based Playlist Controls

Powerful playlist sequencing and timing allows users to create infinite pre-defined run orders as well as make on-the-fly changes without having to touch the CG.

Intuitive Interface

All data modules are optimized for the type of content it manages, streamlining manual data entry and encouraging on-air consistency.

Modular Expansion

Fully integrated modular approach to software enhancements provides access to all data in a singular application using a familiar interface. All access is unified making it easy to both administer and use.

Powerful Automation Engine

Robust and sophisticated automation engine gives you complete control in customizing your on-air look, making display decisions based on arbitrary criteria. LOGIC gives you access to programming staples including if/then/else, switches, regular expressions, arrays, associative arrays (hashes), and more. Commands are documented for easy reference and fully supported by our Client Support Center.

Complete System Monitoring

Through our exclusive Live Update feature, we provide you unattended automatic upgrades of the latest version, so you are never behind. Our Client Support Center is notified automatically of server issues, such as stalled processes or filled drives. And, we even initiate off-site nightly backups of your data for quicker disaster recovery.

Standard  Modules

To maximize user efficiency, NewsTicker's content areas are segmented into logical categories called modules. While distinct in their data entry role, they are all maintained in one application for more complete integration.


  • Configurable for one to three line crawl or hot-change displays
  • Quick insertion of local headlines, with the ability to load in advance without airing
  • Can be grouped into categories with isolated on-air displays
  • TickerWire: National/international headlines in rundown format


  • Flexibility to only display certain teams within a league
  • Multiple comment lines with each game to display stats or headlines
  • Pre-loading of local sports schedules
  • Customize the order leagues are displayed for maximum on-air control
  • TickerWire: Realtime updates of professional and college sports


  • Current conditions and forecasts
  • Forecasts by city and day part
  • Supports weather icons and free-flow text data
  • Read from an in-house temperature probe for time/temp displays
  • Display current temperature, sky conditions, barometer level, relative humidity, dew point, sunrise/sunset, and more
  • TickerWire: Hourly current conditions from the National Weather Service


  • Manual entry or import from your existing traffic vendor
  • Support for display of speed (flow) and incidents
  • TickerWire: Imported from your current vendor, through existing contract


  • TickerWire: All data provided through TickerWire
  • Quotes updated continuously during your newscasts
  • Station can add or delete stocks of local interest on the spot and change the display names
  • Display major indices and composites
  • Supports expanded stock data such as 52-week high/low, today's high/low, and volume

Social Messaging

  • Import from Twitter, Facebook, and SMS (where available)
  • Full control over message approvals and rejections
  • Multiple campaign support

Ski Reports

  • TickerWire: All data provided through TickerWire
  • Multiple intraday updates of number of lifts operating, base and top depths, and KM of cross country paths open
  • Unique sponorship opportunity of potentially market-exclusive data


  • TickerWire: Results from all 50 states and Canada
  • Can filter based on game day


  • Import from TFT and Sage

Optional  Modules

With NewsTicker's powerful module-based approach, stations can add additional modules when ready. These specialty products become integrated into the main menu allowing for intuitive access to the entire NewsTicker product suite.


  • Highly optimized transactional system capable of handling tens of thousands of organizations via telephony, secure web, or manual entry
  • Can display closing information in a hot-change or crawl format with realtime updates (i.e. information updated in the middle of a crawl will be displayed properly on air)
  • First to air features include Just InTM, an isolated display of organizations that just closed seconds ago, and Always OnTM, a separate display of the largest organizations in your DMA
  • Through LOGICTM, Newsroom's powerful middleware scripting language, realtime decisions can be automatically executed such as changing the pace of the display based on the number of closings
  • Robust centralized web-proxy service provides realtime web closures in the most secure environment available on the market, rigorously audited and approved by dozens of station groups and hundreds of stations
  • Integration with all NewsTicker modules allows you to include other data in your display until an arbitrary number of organizations are active without stopping the on-air display
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  • Robust real-time enterprise system scalable to thousands of races with hundreds of candidates per race
  • Automatic data capture from wire and web sources including "inspection" mode that auto-detects races and candidates for rapid setup
  • Controls hot-change or crawl displays as well as fullscreens
  • Races can use different fullscreen templates to best present your data, including pictures and winner flags
  • Advanced studio prompting software provides extended race information to talent in sync with full-screen displays
  • Race memorization for easy setup of local races in future elections
  • Ability to turn off display of bottom vote-getters
  • Powerful audit controls to identify potential mistakes
  • Export to website including 3D graphs
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Severe Weather

  • Fully customizable display, including multiple displays depending on programming or condition types
  • Receive instant real-time redundant data from the National Weather Service's NOAA Port satellite and fiber link to our data centers
  • Complete visual customization by station fortifies your weather brand
  • Display data in any combination of a bug, map or crawl format
  • Incorporate RADAR images (near real-time sequenced images or live local output) with the bug display
  • Can have data sent automatically as-is to air or edit alerts before air
  • Supports newer and more accurate VTEC codes from the National Weather Service
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Complete  Integration  Advantage

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What has made Newsroom Solutions' ticker the most widely used system in America is its integrated approach. By providing the content management system, the display engine, and the underlying automation engine that marries the content to the design, our clients get exactly what they want on-air with vendor accontability.

In systems where the graphics are done by third-party devices, stations are often forced to act as "middlemen" to determine sources of problems and facilitate resolution. Quite often, there are limitations on both vendors due to their divergent approaches. And, some of the work is left to the station to resolve putting stress on already short-staffed operations.

With Newsroom Solutions, there is no compromise. You are working with one team from content to design, who can help you take your vision to air.

Server Specifications

Form Factor3U (25.5" D), with slide rails
ProcessorsQuad-Core Intel Xeon 2.66 GHz
Memory4 GB, expandable to 32 GB
DiskTwo 1 TB SATA data drives RAID 1 (mirrored)
One DVD+RW/CD+RW optical drive
Serial PortsTwo RS-232
Four RS-232/RS-422 selectable
Power SupplyRedundant
Network InterfaceDual 10/100/1000
Operating SystemCentOS Enterprise Linux 6

Selected FreedomHD Video Examples

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The Scripps Design Hub has standardized on the FreedomHD for all of their tickers. The design is tightly integrated with their news graphics and allows for sponsorship.

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G3, the centralized designed firm at Gannett, powers their tightly integrated look using the FreedomHD. Stations are provided stylistic choices that are all pre-approved by G3.

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MSG Network, New York

Multiple Freedoms power SD and HD streams for MSG and MSG Plus, the TV home to the New York Rangers, Islanders, Knicks, and (NJ) Devils. Design includes integrated snipes on commercial rejoins.

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WTTG, Washington, DC (FOX)

The FOX O&Os use a variation of tickers depending on the station's need. In Washington, DC, the design is subdued but still includes "coming up" tabs to engage viewers.

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KARK, Little Rock (Nexstar)

KARK's design includes "coming up" tabs, a constantly rotating sponsor logo, animated bug, and time/temp relocated to the upper right. The colored tabs play off their NBC affiliation.

More Information

To learn more about NewsTicker, including a product demonstration and proposal, contact Newsroom Solutions sales:
+1  (704) 665-5300 x1

Client Support

NewsTicker is backed by our U.S.-based Client Support Center. Whether you need assistance with your displays, additional training, or have a day-of issue, the Center is here to solve your problems quickly.
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Selected Clients

NewsTicker is the most widely used ticker system in America. Clients include stations from three of the four major network O&Os, Cox, Gannett, Gray, Journal, Media General, Meredith, Nexstar, Quincy, Raycom, Scripps, Sinclair, Tribune, and more.

NewsTicker is installed in 74 of the 75 largest television markets and can be seen daily in more than 90-million homes.