Freedom HD/SD Graphics

High-end motion graphics and DVE with unrivalled NewsTicker integration

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The Freedom graphics line is a cost-effective high-end display solution for exclusive use with NewsTicker. The FreedomHD is used by more broadcast stations in America for their ticker and specialty branding needs than any multi-purpose character generator on the market.

Designed as a fully integrated display solution for NewsTicker clients, the Freedom graphics platform unleashes your power to integrate content from NewsTicker seamlessly with the most advanced graphics engine, all supported by one company. This optimized workflow streamlines your projects by giving you a single point of contact without the overheard of involving multiple vendors.

Fully integrate your pre-rendered, branded animations with current data from NewsTicker, rendered in real-time. Leverage Newsroom's highly-articulated automation engine to control your templates according to your demands. Combine your graphics with must-have features like completely customizable DVEs and audio tone insertion. Most importantly, count on the solid reliability of the Freedom's broadcast architecture.

No Compromises

The FreedomHD is a high-end speciality display engine, not a stripped-down, heavily limited CG. It gives you all of the advanced features you have come to expect including unlimited layering, 3D objects, timeline based editing, acceleration curve editing, clip play, DVE, audio insertion, and more.

Realtime Automation

Take your compelling motion comps to the next level with Newsroom's powerful automation engine. Not only can you use transition logic built into templates to inform design decisions, but data not even part of the scene can be inspected to generate design interactions difficult or impossible to do on inferior systems.

Top  Features

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Intuitive User Interface

Intuitive user interface is similar to leading motion editing and 2D drawing software, making it fast to master. Regarded as easier to learn yet more powerful than mainstream character generators.

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Dual DVE Support

Optional dual DVE support allows you to easily add live visuals to your breaking news crawls. At the press of a button, programming can squeeze, mix an audio alert, show a second live source, and crawl your breaking news.

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Powerful Timeline-Based Motion Control

Timeline editor gives you complete control over the motion of your objects through keyframes. The curve editor gives you power over the acceleration and deceleration of your motion for truly custom transitions.

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2D and 3D Object Support

Full support for import of standard 2D images with alpha channel. Built-in 3D objects include sphere, cube, and cylinder, as well as the ability to import your own 3D Mesh objects from popular 3D modeling packages.

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Real-Time 3D Lighting

Directional, point and spot lights can be applied to 3D objects and rendered in real-time, including changing the color of the light source via automation. They can also be animated on the timeline, creating incredible effects.

Other  Features

Software Clip Player

Play large animation files instantly, streamed from disk, mapped with real-time data to effortlessly create stunning visuals.

Transition Logic

Achieve seamless transitions between templates and perform look-ahead live data oriented actions, with template based transition logic, or backend data inspection.

Flexible I/O

10-bit internal keying over video with automatic bypass or key/fill external keying supportable.

Offline Editing and Preview

Design can be accomplished on an offline workstation, then transferred to the online system for playout, including a VGA preview of your playlist.

Powerful DVE Controls

Control all aspects of a DVE including size, aspect ratio and cropping for squeeze ups, L- and U-squeezes, including an optionally available dual DVE.

Audio Insertion

Duck program audio and mix wav files to create FCC-compliant emergency crawls.


InputsDigital (SDI)
OuputsDigital (SDI) as composite (internal key) or separate key/fill
SyncAnalog blackburst or tri-level
DVE2D Integrated, 3D in SD only
Dual DVEOptional
Captions BridgeIntegrated
BypassAutomatic and manual
Supported StandardsNTSC, PAL, 720p, 1080i, 720p50, 1080i50

Supported Standards8 channels, Embedded SDI or Balanced AES/EBU
Sampling Rate48 KHz
Audio DelayIntegrated
Mix Clip to ProgramRoutable to specific channels
BypassAutomatic and manual (embedded SDI only)

Render EngineExpio 6
Primitives Supported Text
32-bit Graphic (.TGA, .BMP, .JPG, .PNG, .PSD)
Clip Player (.MOV, .AVI, .WMV)
Vector Outline (.AI)
3D Sphere, Cube, Cylinder
3D Mesh (.AI, .OBJ, .FBX)
Parametric Mesh
Time of Day Clock, Countdown Clock, Timer
Clip Rects, Clip Planes
Layers SupportedUnlimited
Timeline TypeRenderless, keyframe-based
Timeline TriggersEvent-driven and arbitrary
Motion and Ease MethodSubpixel, Acceleration curve editing
Font SupportTrueType, OpenType
Offline SupportTemplate creation and preview
Online Render EngineReal-time

Form Factor4U (25.5" D), with slide rails
ProcessorsDual Intel Xeon 2.4 GHz
Memory12 GB
DiskOne 250 GB SATA OS drive
Two 250 GB SATA data drives RAID 0 (striped)
One DVD+RW/CD+RW optical drive
VGANVIDIA Quadro K4000 3GB
Power SupplyRedundant
Network InterfaceDual 10/100/1000
Operating SystemWindows 7 Professional, 64-bit

Selected FreedomHD Video Examples

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MSG Network, New York

Multiple Freedoms power SD and HD streams for MSG and MSG Plus, the TV home to the New York Rangers, Islanders, Knicks, and (NJ) Devils. Design includes integrated snipes on commercial rejoins.

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The Scripps Design Service has standardized on the FreedomHD for their ticker needs. New designs are built at the Hub, then pushed down to the stations for production.

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G3, the centralized designed firm at Gannett, powers their tightly integrated look using the FreedomHD. Stations are provided stylistic choices that are all pre-approved by G3.

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Dual DVE

Optional dual DVE gives stations an easy method to run a breaking news crawl with live visuals, without tying up Production Control and personnel.

More Information

To learn more about the Freedom, including a product demonstration and proposal, contact Newsroom Solutions sales:
+1  (704) 665-5300 x1

Client Support

NewsTicker Closings is backed by our U.S.-based Client Support Center. Whether you need assistance with your displays, additional training, or have a day-of issue, the Center is here to solve your problems quickly.
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Selected Clients

The FreedomHD is the most widely used ticker graphics renderer in America. Clients include stations from three of the four major network O&Os, Cox, Gannett, Gray, Journal, Media General, Meredith, Nexstar, Quincy, Raycom, Scripps, Sinclair, Tribune, and more.

NewsTicker is installed in 74 of the 75 largest television markets and can be seen daily in more than 90-million homes.