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Moderated viewer feedback, streamlined to air, with simplicity and speed

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Social messaging has quickly become the preferred method for directly engaging your viewers. It completes the circle of information flow from the station to viewers, back to the station. And, it provides an outlet for your viewers to continually engage with your brand.

NewsTicker Messaging can monitor Twitter has tags and mentions (@reply), Facebook posts, SMS messages, and more. That viewer originated feedback is then inserted automatically into NewsTicker where a producer can review and approve individual messages for air.

Efficient Workflow

The NewsTicker Messaging workflow is efficient. Producers aren't wasting time logging into Twitter and Facebook, scrolling through pages, and cutting, pasting and reformatting. They are dropped into a screen with just the content they need to review, which can be approved instantly.

Design Customization

Air social media as an everyday part of your ticker, as its own looping display, or as a dedicated region that pops up new messages and then goes away. NewsTicker makes it easy to add a sponsor logo and recurring text encouraging viewers to join the conversation.

Top  Features

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Streamlined Producer Interface

NewsTicker Messaging is designed to handle a large volume of viewer messages in a single platform with minimal effort. Producers can quickly approve or reject messages as new content constantly flows in.

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Automatic Formatting

Content is automatically scrubbed and re-formatted to remove extraneous information, including URLs to pictures, links to websites, and Retweets for a cleaner and more professional on-air look.

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User Profile Images

Profile images from viewers can be included where desired. When activated, the image is part of the approval process used by the producer who is screening for appropriateness.

Multiple Campaign Support

NewsTicker Messaging supports multiple, simultaneous campaigns, each tied to its own set of hash tags, giving you the flexibility to transition from one set of comments to another. One producer can approve messages for a dedicated sports block while another approves what is on air currently.

Other  Features

Profanity Filter

Incoming messages with known profanity will be automatically blocked, reducing chances of accidental approval of inappropriate content.

User Ban Control

Easily prevent ingestion of future comments for a particular user by banning the handle.

Integrate With All of NewsTicker

Messaging is fully integrated with all other NewsTicker modules for continuous on-air displaying without stopping and starting multiple applications.

Display Flexibility

Support for continuous looping of comments, or a "pop-up" display of just the most recent comments.

Call to Action Integration

Easily integrate "call to action" statements within your Messaging on-air display to encourage viewers to submit their feedback.

Selected FreedomHD Video Examples

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Fuse Network, National (MSG Company)

Fuse includes celebrity Tweets as part of its regular ticker display. During broadcasts of live concerts, they show viewer feedback in a dedicated display that periodically pops up.

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KIRO, Seattle (Cox)

As the official TV station for Seattle's annual Seafair race, KIRO engages their audience directly with a continuous crawl of fan messages and viewer reaction to what is being seen live.

More Information

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