• ChyronHego Acquires Newsroom Solutions
    (Sep 10, 2015) - Highly respected provider of news ticker graphics solutions brings real-time data expertise to ChyronHego product family.   Learn More >

  • Chattanooga's NBC affiliate, WRBC, Adopts Entire NewsTicker Suite
    (Sep 7, 2015) - The Sarkes Tarzian-owned station has adopted NewsTicker and the FreedomHD for all edge branding including ticker, closings, election reporting, severe weather, and text-to-speech.

  • Sioux City's KMEG and KPTH Picks Newsroom Solutions for Ticker, Elections, and Closings
    (Aug 20, 2015) - Sinclair owned and/or operated duop KMEG and KPTH has ordered NewsTicker powered by the FreedomHD renderer.

  • Nexstar's WFXR in Roanoke Standardizes on NewsTicker
    (Aug 7, 2015) - The FOX affiliate in Roanoke has selected NewsTicker and the FreedomHD renderer for ticker, branding, elections and school closings.

  • Cox's WHBQ in Memphis Buys NewsTicker
    (Jul 18, 2015) - Cox's Memphis station, FOX affiliate WHBQ, has purchased NewsTicker and the FreedomHD renderer for ticker and election reporting.

  • Sinclair's WWMT Selects NewsTicker with FreedomHD
    (Jul 6, 2015) - WWMT (Grand Rapids/Kalamazoo, MI) purchases NewsTicker with Elections, Closings, and Newsroom's FreedomHD renderer.

  • FOX Continues Group-Wide Rollout with KSAZ
    (Jun 22, 2015) - KSAZ in Phoenix becomes the latest FOX O&O to adopt the NewsTicker content management system with Newsroom's FreedomHD renderer.

  • Dallas Fox O&O Selects NewsTicker
    (Jun 10, 2015) - Dallas FOX O&O KDFW selects NewsTicker and the FreedomHD render engine for ticker and election reporting.

  • KMSP Adopts Entire NewsTicker Suite, Including Voicer
    (May 28, 2015) - The Minneapolis-St.Paul FOX O&O has adopted NewsTicker and the FreedomHD for all edge branding including ticker, closings, election reporting, severe weather, and text-to-speech.

  • Fox's WAGA, Atlanta Selects NewsTicker
    (May 21, 2015) - The FOX O&O in Atlanta has selected NewsTicker and the FreedomHD renderer for ticker, branding, elections and severe weather alerting.

  • WBOC Buys NewsTicker for Ticker, Elections, Closings, and Text-to-Speech
    (May 5, 2015) - The locally-owned CBS and FOX affiliate for Salisbury, MD has ordered NewsTicker, including the FreedomHD renderer with Voicer.

  • Quincy Standardizes on NewsTicker Voicer for Text-to-Speech
    (Apr 20, 2015) - The QNI group has upgraded the NewsTicker platform at all of its stations to support Voicer: Newsroom's powerful text-to-speech engine for FCC compliance.

  • KOMO Selects NewsTicker, Closings and Elections
    (Apr 10, 2015) - Sinclair's KOMO in Seattle has selected NewsTicker for content management of their ticker, school closings and election displays, using Newsroom's powerful FreedomHD for graphics rendering.

  • Cox Duop WFOX/WJAX Buys NewsTicker
    (Apr 3, 2015) - Cox's Jacksonville duopoly of WFOX and WJAX has purchased NewsTicker, and four FreedomHD renderers, for ticker, elections and severe weather reporting.

  • Media General's WDTN/WBDT Move to NewsTicker
    (Mar 27, 2015) - Dayton's NBC and CW affiliates have ordered NewsTicker's complete product suite including Closings, Elections, SevereWx, and Voicer, marking the last two stations in Dayton to purchase NewsTicker. Two FreedomHD renderers will power their on-air display.

  • Evansville News Startup WEVV Selects NewsTicker
    (Mar 19, 2015) - The Evansville CBS and FOX affiliates have selected NewsTicker for their news start-up launching in the third quarter of 2015. The FreedomHD will power their graphics including ticker, school closings and election reporting.

  • Fox Charlotte Orders NewsTicker with the FreedomHD renderer
    (Mar 16, 2015) - WJZY becomes the 18th FOX O&O to order NewsTicker. They will also use NewsTicker for school closings and election reporting.

  • Sinclair's KVII Switches to NewsTicker
    (Feb 26, 2015) - Amarillo's ABC 7 has switched to NewsTicker, the industry's most popular ticker platform. They will also use Newsroom Solutions' powerful elections and school closing modules.

  • WOAI Purchases NewsTicker, Elections and Closings
    (Feb 10, 2015) - The NBC affiliate for San Antonio has purchased NewsTicker to power their ticker, as well as school closings and election reporting.

  • FOX Flagship WNYW, New York, Selects NewsTicker
    (Jan 8, 2015) - WNYW, the FOX owned station in New York City, has selected NewsTicker and the FreedomHD renderer to provide content management services for ticker and elections.

  • Nexstar Upgrades 16 Stations to the FreedomHD Renderer
    (Dec 21, 2014) - In a major end-of-year upgrade, Nexstar transitions 16 of its stations to the FreedomHD render engine, replacing older SD-based graphics. 54 Nexstar stations are standardized on the NewsTicker platform.

  • Gannett's KXTV Buys Upgraded Freedom Renderer
    (Dec 17, 2014) - The Sacramento ABC affiliate has upgraded to Newsroom Solutions' Expio 6-based FreedomHD as their primary renderer for ticker and edge graphics.

  • KBOI Becomes Sinclair's Seventh NewsTicker Purchase of 2014
    (Dec 4, 2014) - KBOI, Boise becomes the seventh Sinclair station to purchase NewsTicker in 2014, joining 63 other sister stations as NewsTicker clients. The CBS affiliate has installed NewsTicker's Closings and Elections modules.

  • KGBT Switches to NewsTicker
    (Nov 25, 2014) - The CBS affiliate for south Texas is switching to NewsTicker's powerful content management solution for ticker, election reporting and school closings.

  • KDNL Standardizes on NewsTicker, FreedomHD
    (Nov 18, 2014) - St. Louis ABC affiliate KDNL has standardized on NewsTicker and the FreedomHD for their edge graphics, including severe weather notification and school closings.

  • Salt Lake City's KTVX Selects NewsTicker, FreedomHD
    (Oct 15, 2014) - ABC 4 will use NewsTicker and the FreedomHD for branding, ticker, election results and school closings.

  • KFOX Orders NewsTicker with Elections
    (Sept 25, 2014) - The El Paso Fox affiliate has ordered NewsTicker's content management suite, including the industry-leading election management module.

  • WRTV Orders Full NewsTicker Product Suite
    (Sept 12, 2014) - WRTV becomes the 16th, and final, Scripps station to purchase NewsTicker. The Indianapolis ABC affiliate will also use NewsTicker for school closings, elections and severe weather alerting.

  • Medial General's WCBD Orders NewsTicker and FreedomHD
    (Sep 7, 2014) - The Charleston, SC NBC affiliate marks the first Medial General station to switch to the FreedomHD render platform.

  • Chicago Independent WCIU Installs NewsTicker SevereWx
    (Sep 1, 2014) - The Weigel-owned station follows sister-station WBND's (South Bend, IN) lead.

  • WPDE Becomes Third Myrtle Beach Station to Buy NewsTicker
    (Aug 24, 2014) - Sinclair's selects NewsTicker and the FreedomHD to power WPDE's branding, ticker and election results. This is Sinclair's third purchase of NewsTicker this year.

  • WTKR and WGNT Move to Full NewsTicker Platform
    (Aug 16, 2014) - Tribune's Norfolk, VA duop purchases the full NewsTicker system, including severe weather alerting, school closings and elections, all powered by the FreedomHD.

  • Burlington, VT CBS Affiliate WCAX Buys NewsTicker
    (Aug 8, 2014) - Indepedently-owned WCAX has ordered NewsTicker for branding and elections.

  • New Orleans' WVUE Becomes Last Raycom Station to Buy NewsTicker
    (July 23, 2014) - The New Orleans' FOX affiliate has purchased NewsTicker with closings and elections. They are the final news-producing Raycom station to standardize on NewsTicker.

  • Raycom's WTVM Switches to NewsTicker
    (July 16, 2014) - Columbus, GA ABC affiliate WTVM has ordered NewsTicker and the FreedomHD.

  • WAFB Selects NewsTicker
    (July 11, 2014) - Baton Rouge, LA CBS affiliate WAFB selects NewsTicker and the FreedomHD for branding, ticker, closings and elections.

  • KAIT, Jonesboro Installs NewsTicker
    (July 6, 2014) - Raycom continues its group-wide purchase of NewsTicker with the additional of KAIT. The Jonesboro, AR ABC affiliate also purchased the school closings and election reporting modules.

  • Raycom's KCBD Orders NewsTicker
    (June 22, 2014) - The Lubbock, TX NBC affiliate will use Newsroom's FreedomHD to drive their branding, ticker and election displays.

  • KSLA, Shreveport Commits to NewsTicker
    (June 16, 2014) - KSLA ordered NewsTicker with the optional closings and elections modules, along with the FreedomHD integrated graphics engine.

  • Sinclair's WACH Switches to NewsTicker
    (June 12, 2014) - Columbia, SC WACH purchases NewsTicker with closings and elections. They will use the FreedomHD to drive their on-air display.

  • FOX-Owned KTBC Selects NewsTicker
    (June 4, 2014) - FOX's Austin, TX station KTBC selects NewsTicker for ticker, branding, election reporting and severe weather notification. All graphics will use the FreedomHD renderer.

  • FOX O&O WTVT Installs NewsTicker
    (May 21, 2014) - Tampa, FL FOX O&O installs NewsTicker. The FOX group's graphics hub, also located in Tampa, will use Expio and the FreedomHD to generate designs for the other O&Os.

  • WHAM Rochester, NY Purchases NewsTicker
    (May 12, 2014) - Sinclair has ordered NewsTicker and the FreedomHD for WHAM, including the optional school closing and election reporting modules.

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Newsroom Solutions, a wholly-owned subsidiary of ChyronHego, is the leading supplier of ticker software and hardware to the U.S. television industry. NewsTicker, its flagship product, provides content and brand management functions to local TV stations including severe weather alerting, school closings, and election reporting. As part of its integrated portfolio, Newsroom's FreedomHD is the leading graphics engine for domestic ticker displays.

NewsTicker is installed in 74 of the 75 largest television markets and can be seen daily in more than 90-million homes.