NewsTicker broadcast control in a traditional, 1U form factor

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The NewsTicker intelliCommander provides the ultimate in broadcast control. Designed with MCR operators in mind, it provides easy access to start, stop, and pause any NewsTicker broadcast, on up to three different character generators or virtual layers. It eliminates the need for another computer application in master control, or extensive NewsTicker training for MCOs.

The intelliCommander features immediate dynamic feedback through its on-board LCD display. Airing a NewsTicker runlevel is as simple as turning a dial until the correct name appears on the LCD, and pushing play! This gives you access to all of your NewsTicker runlevels. Its interface is intuitive and streamlined -- you'll have it mastered in less than five minutes.

Condition Alarming

Be the first to get school closings and weather alerts on the air through the intelliCommander. The second the first school closes or the first severe weather bulletin crosses, it sounds an alarm, letting you push one button to get the information on-air! It has never been so simple.

Macro and Contact Closure Control

Built with simplicity in mind, there are four macro buttons for one-touch display of runlevels, four external contact closure connections for hooking up extra buttons or using tally display outputs, and four GPI connections for use in triggering external devices.


Form Factor1 RU
Closure InputsFour
Closure OutputsFour
Macro ButtonsFour
Discreet CG ControlThree channels
AlarmAudible and visual
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