Newsroom's sales effort is headed up by Rick Summers, Senior Account Executive at ChyronHego and former Partner and Vice President of Newsroom Solutions. Under Mr. Summer's direction, NewsTicker remains the industry's largest selling ticker product.

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Providing industry-leading support has been the cornerstone of Newsroom's success. Our support desk is staffed with dedicated full-time support engineers, many with previous employment in broadcast news.

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Research and Development

Known for its innovation, Newsroom's products are managed by Drew Hahn, Senior Product Manager at ChyronHego and former Partner and Vice President of Newsroom Solutions. Mr. Hahn's leadership and vision have helped to maintain the company's top-rated position in all of its key market segments.

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TickerWire is the country's oldest data service exclusively for local TV tickers. Others have tried to duplicate our success, but nobody beats our variety of content and pricing level in a completely integrated platform. Our editorial staff, lead by an Emmy® award-winning former news director, consists of former local television producers and reporters -- journalists who "have been there." We don't simply pass-through other people's data and call it our own product, rather manage a unique and dedicated news service for television newsrooms.

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A Philosophy of Communication

Contact is one of the most important aspects of a successful company, especially one that serves the communication industry. From focus groups and surveys to emails and our client newsletter, we believe there is much value in listening to clients and sharing best practices. In fact, Newsroom boasts one of the highest client retention rates in its sector due in large part to our dedication to client communication.

Some companies are so big, clients can easily feel like their feedback is ignored because their only communication is with a support desk that doesn't talk to developers. Other companies are so small, feature requests may not be considered because there aren't enough resources to do the work.

Our development team practices an open door philosophy, a principle that has paid off time and again. Indeed, some of Newsroom's most successful products and enhancements have come directly from client suggestions.

Our entire development team is encouraged to think-up new ideas and work with existing clients so they stay in touch with the core needs of local newsrooms.

As a client of Newsroom Solutions, you have access to a research and development staff willing to hear your ideas and work to satisfy your needs. It's our commitment to you.