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One of the greatest challenges a newsroom faces happens two nights every year: the primary and general elections. Despite the fact that elections are scheduled events, they can be tougher to cover than a breaking spot news story and, in many ways, are more important.

NewsTicker Elections is designed to prevent the on-air disasters that have cost many newsrooms their credibility on election night, letting you focus on coverage and not technology.

With NewsTicker, you'll have some of the most powerful tools in election reporting available today, from pre-production and data collection to talent prompting and on-air graphics.

Ready for your biggest election

Take advantage of one of the only truly enterprise-grade election systems available in America. It is built on Linux and optimized for thousands of races and dozens of simultaneous users, with no "per-seat" license.

Easy to use

Speed-up training, preparation, and election-night operations using NewsTicker's intuitive and responsive web-based interface. There are no complicated "right-clicks" or hidden fields requiring extensive training ... just a clean user experience.

Deliver fast to air, web and mobile

The instant new data is received, it is ready for air. You don't have to restart the display or wait for a batch process to finish processing. And, exporting to your website and mobile provider is automatic, fast and tailored to your look.

Top  Features

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Web-Based UI

The Elections user interface is completely web-based, making it easy to install and operate. Any computer on your LAN, or remotely connected through your VPN, can view and update results without installing software.

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Give your talent the edge with a dedicated studio display of what is being sent to your fullscreens, in sync with your CG. View extra notes about the race automatically as the control room queues them to air.

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Enterprise Grade Architecture

NewsTicker is built on enterprise Linux using one of the fastest SQL databases available. The underlying code is optimized for large, multi-user environments, with the accompanying hardware scalable for demanding use.

Reputation of Reliability

NewsTicker Elections is in use in all market sizes in America, from newsrooms large and small. It has been used to manage many hundreds of races at a time with a long history of reliability. It's the product that has gained an industry reputation for software that "just works" on election night.

Other  Features

Capture Results Automatically

Automatic data capture from wire and web sources including "inspection" mode that auto-detects races and candidates for rapid setup. NewsTicker lets the fastest source continue to update each race without you having to switch it back and forth.

Complete Design Flexibility

Races can use different fullscreen templates to best present your data, including candidate pictures and winner flags. Candidates can be automatically ranked in either descending vote order, alphabetical, or fixed order on a race-by-race basis. And, you can play different looks for results in-news versus primetime.

Spend Less Time Setting Up

Several features are included to make setup faster and easier including race memorization and merging from primary to general.

Comprehensive Data Entry Options

Native support for manual data entry on a precinct-by-precinct or mixed-mode basis, including the ability to combine results from multiple agencies for a single race.

Customizable Exports

Your election should be about building brand for your station, not your election vendor. HTML can be exported in your own style, across single or multiple files, to match your brand. XML, push, tab-delimited, and other exports are available for delivery to mobile providers.

Integrate With All of NewsTicker

Elections is fully integrated with all other NewsTicker modules for continuous on-air displaying without stopping and starting multiple applications.

Selected FreedomHD Video Examples

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KSDK, St. Louis (Gannett)

Newsroom's FreedomHD is generating the lower-third results, as well as the station's time and temp bug. NewsTicker Elections is driving the fullscreens on the station's Miranda.

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WJLA, Washington, DC (Sinclair)

The FreedomHD is generating the lower-third results with a slight DVE, and the time and temp bug. Their fullscreens are being pushed from NewsTicker Elections to the station's Deko.

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WAVY, Norfolk, VA (Lin)

This look is used both in news and primetime. The FreedomHD is performing a slight DVE up to maintain traditional insert graphics.

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Low Profile Non-News

When not in news, it is often desirable to maintain a low profile design that doesn't intrude on other graphics or require a DVE. This look is between action and title safe and is used during primetime.

More Information

To learn more about Elections, including a product demonstration and proposal, contact Newsroom Solutions sales:
+1  (704) 665-5300 x1

Client Support

NewsTicker Elections is backed by our U.S.-based Client Support Center. Whether you need assistance with your displays, additional training, or have an election-night issue, the Center is here to solve your problems quickly.
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Selected Clients

NewsTicker Elections is the most widely used, fully supported, election management system in America. Clients include stations from three of the four major network O&Os, Cox, Gannett, Gray, Journal, Media General, Meredith, Nexstar, Quincy, Raycom, Scripps, Sinclair, Tribune, and more.

NewsTicker is installed in 74 of the 75 largest television markets and can be seen daily in more than 90-million homes.